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Est. 2016. Founded by 3 dudes in New York City, SkinCase was driven by the idea of creating seamless products that introduce functional accessories to the world. Basically, make awesome for more awesome. After what seems like forever, SkinCase is now proud to be the world’s thinnest iPhone case that offers protection for your iPhone.

Why SkinCase?

Look at all the cases out there with those unnecessary features. Let’s be honest, they’re bulky and ugly. Worst part is, they take away the beauty of the iPhone and we should never accept it. So we made SkinCase – a 0.01” iPhone case that’s near nothing to hold. It also comes loaded with what you need to protect your precious iPhone. Btw, have we mentioned it’s the world’s thinnest case? Well, it is.

This is only the beginning for our world domination, as we are constantly working hard and discovering new ways to get more of the good stuff in your hands If you would like to reach out to us or share some feedback, please don’t be shy, contact us.